The Mandolin Chronicles

Alan Bibey and Wayne Benson

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Track 01 / Blue Rocking Chair

Track 02 / Up In The Wheelhouse

Track 03 / I Don’t Worry About You Anymore

Track 04 / Kickin’ Up Dust

Track 05 / Old Time Way

Track 06 / Run

Track 07 / Our Father

Track 08 / Somewhere Between Givin’ In And Givin’ Up

Track 09 / Grass Stain

Track 10 / Anchor In The Storm

Track 11 / Vicksburg

Track 12 / Waves Of Sorrow

Kickin’ Up Dust



CD Audio – $17.00

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Track 01 / Hard Workin’ Man

Track 02 / Liftin’ Up The Cross

Track 03 / Heartbreak Express

Track 04 / Payin’ Your Dues

Track 05 / God Bless Mommy

Track 06 / Big, Big Heartache

Track 07 / The Other Side Of Towne

Track 08 / Tobaccoville Road

Track 09 / Laura Lie

Track 10 / Somebody’s Gonna Let You Down

Track 11 / Salvation Of The Lord

Track 12 / The Day Hell Freezes Over

Track 13 / The Door

Track 14 / Sorrow Ain’t Far Behind

The Other Side Of Towne



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Track 01 / Dixie Flyer – FULL SONG!!

Track 02 / Here Comes That Feelin’ Again

Track 03 / Devil’s Road

Track 04 / Home

Track 05 / Grasstowne City Limits

Track 06 / Black Lung Blues

Track 07 / Lizzie Lou

Track 08 / You’re Right, I’m Wrong

Track 09 / If I Knew Then

Track 10 / Love You Don’t Know

Track 11 / That’s Not What Ships Are For

Track 12 / Bluest Case Of The Blues

Track 13 / Patchin’ It Up

The Road Headin’ Home



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Track 01 / In The Blue Room

Track 02 / Save your Heart

Track 03 / Evening Prayer Blues

Track 04 / I’ll Be Alright Tomorrow

Track 05 / Wild Fiddler’s Rag

Track 06 / Lee’s Reel

Track 07 / County Fool

Track 08 / Stumptowne

Track 09 / Close By

Track 10 / Amanda Lena

Track 11 / Busy Fingers

Track 12 / What I Am

Track 13 / Sure-Fire

In The Blue Room

Alan Bibey


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An examination of the playing style of one of bluegrass music’s most exciting instrumentalists.

Since first hitting the scene with New Quicksilver in the early 1980s, Alan Bibey has been making a name for himself as one of the most creative and technically gifted mandolinists in bluegrass and acoustic music. Subsequent recordings and performances with IIIrd Tyme Out, Lou Reid & Carolina and Blue Ridge have cemented this reputation. In this instructional video from AcuTab, Alan shares his knowledge and insight with players, students and lovers of the mandolin everywhere.

This presentation was designed to offer instruction and motivation for players at any level. Less experienced mandolinists will find helpful tips about practice and technique. More skilled players can pick up useful hints on improvisation and accompaniment, along with a number of great tunes and licks! Much of the material will be of interest at any level. A printed booklet is included with both tab and standard notation for the tunes Alan teaches in the video.

Master Mandolinist

Alan Bibey


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Few mandolinists enjoy the degree of critical acclaim that Alan Bibey has garnered since he first hit the scene with The New Quicksilver in 1985. Through his years with IIIrd Tyme Out, Blue Ridge and now Grasstowne, Alan has established himself as perhaps the most influential and distinctive bluegrass stylist of his generation.

AcuTab has assembled a sampling of his recorded work that includes pieces from The New Quicksilver’s “Ready From The Times” (rereleased as Baucom, Bibey, Graham & Haley), IIIrd Tyme Out’s debut release “Puttin’ New Roots Down.” Also included are his two cuts from The Young Mando Monsters and several selections from his 1996 recording with Lou Reid & Carolina.

Learn and study his breaks in a variety of styles and keys. 31 solos from 20 songs are presented in both standard notation and tablature with left hand fingerings and helpful performance notes provided as well.

Transcriptions Vol. I

Alan Bibey


Book – $20.00

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